More Nuggets – Building a Vista Gadget

I've made a few nuggets about building the Technorati gadget. I'm just about to publish these to the MSDN nuggets site. Here are the additional information links and a link to the source code:

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  1. Matt Phillips says:

    have you tried browsing and searching the MSDN nuggets site? It’s pants. For example, try searching for all nuggets with gadget in them

    and see what you get…..two!

    Since searching doesn’t work perhaps you could

    1) tell them

    2) beef up your tags – tagging your gadget nuggets with, er, ‘gadget’ perhaps 😉

    These nuggets are much appreciated


  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Thanks Matt. You have a point :-). And you’ve caught us out a little :-). We (as a team) agreed a rigourous tagging scheme with a restricted set of tags that we could use so there would be some consistency. "Gadget" wasn’t one of them :-). Search is supposed to be the key that means we don’t have to proliferate the number of tags… I shall raise this with the relevant folks. Thanks for the feedback. All the best, Mike.

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