Office Open XML Article Now Available Online

I noticed this morning that the article I wrote about Office Open XML is now available on the VSJ website. Hurrah! I get lots of questions about Office Open XML as often people find it difficult to get up and running with it and get to grips with the capabilities. If I do say so myself, this article is a pretty good place to start. I've even produced some matching nugget videos and you can download the source code to try things out for yourself.

Office Open XML Article on VSJ Website (direct link)

All Office Open XML Nugget Videos

Source Code for Office Open XML Nuggets (not available for all of them)

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Comments (2)

  1. Mike Ormond’s Blog mentions the Office Open XML Article Now Available Online He also produced some matching

  2. VSj have posted an article written by Mike Ormond who also produced the OpenXML "nugget videos" that

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