Spider Pig

Gem and I went to see the Simpson's Movie the other night (hurray for Orange Wednesdays - half price cinema!) and I was pleasantly surprised. I do like the Simpsons, I just haven't watched them for a long time (this corresponds with a number of reviews I've read suggesting that the TV show went "off the boil" a little). Anyhows, it's a fun film with all the usual irony, parody etc and even manages to be quite moving at times. But the highlight of the film was the unexpected appearance of my new super-hero; Spider Pig.

The Spider Pig scene had me convulsing with laughter to the extent that people around me were wondering what was wrong. I could not control myself. I saw onscreen a parody of myself and I briefly understood what Gemma has to put up with sometimes (okay, most of the time). I guess there's a bit of Homer in all of us and the bit that was walking a pig across the ceiling while singing "Spider Pig, Spider Pig" (to the Spiderman theme) was a bit too much like me for comfort. (Just search YouTube for spiderpig).

  • Spider Pig, Spider Pig
  • Does whatever a Spider Pig does
  • Can he swing, from a web
  • No he can't, he's a pig
  • Look out, he is a Spider Pig

The Spider Pig musical arrangement for the final credits is outstanding. And the GTW game made me laugh.

Comments (3)

  1. Spider pig is great. It has also brought the life back to the pig wink in MSN 🙂

  2. Jo Carpenter says:

    Classic – Scarily enough I can relate to your story.

    I think I am annoying people by singing it day in day out.

    It still makes me laugh now.

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