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I was chatting to someone about Windows Workflow Foundation last night at the NxtGenUG meeting and I recommended a book but could only remember the author's name (and even then only one of them - poor Bob Schmidt, 2nd in line and up against a memorable name like Dharma Shukla!).

Anyway, it's an Addison-Wesley book entitled "Essential Windows Workflow Foundation" by Dharma Shukla and Bob Schmidt. You can find it at our friends Computer Manuals (the people who often have a stand at our events) here: Essential Windows Workflow Foundation.

It's very much about the fundamentals of WF, how it works and why it works that way. It's not a practical guide to designing applications with WF. It's a terrific book and I'd thoroughly recommend it for anyone that wants to understand more about Windows Workflow Foundation.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Yep that was me that you were talking too as as it happens the book arrived today (courtesy of at a much better price that Amazon and with free delivery!

    I hope to get going with reading it over the next month – perhaps I’ll write a review and get it up on the NxtGenUG website ( and/or on my blog.

    Cheers for the recommendation.


  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    No problem Stuart. Glad you managed to get hold of a copy. Mike

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