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I did an event on Monday targeted at University students delivering a session on ASP.NET AJAX and a session on Visual Studio Orcas for web developers. It was a lot of fun and I promised Ed I would post some resource links. So here goes:

Someone asked me why the Linq syntax was a bit "backward" compared to standard SQL syntax. Well above and beyond the answer I gave, there is also a good tools reason - Intellisense. The syntax

      var query = from q in db.Albums
                  where q.AlbumName = "Animals"
                  select q;

rather than

      var query = select q 
                  from db.Albums
                  where q.AlbumName = "Animals";

allows us to provide full Intellisense on all aspects of the query. Thanks to MikeT for pointing that out to me (he'd been asked the same question!).

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