Google Developer Day

Yes, I confess, I attended the London Google Developer Day yesterday out of curiosity more than anything else. They put on a good show (though I think it was somewhat disingenuous of Robert Scoble to compare the event with PDC given that Microsoft runs developer events of a similar scale all around the world on a regular basis. PDC might be *the* Microsoft developer event but it's not the *only* Microsoft developer event). Anyway, I digress...

Some interesting announcements, some great giveaways, session recordings and the keynote streamed live - they clearly put some thought into the event and it paid off (the logistics of trying to run the same event in 10 locations must have been a nightmare - I've been there and it's not much fun). Nice work.

My only gripe - the whole thing was pretty high level. 45min sessions including time for questions meant there wasn't much scope for depth. The Google Gears presentation I attended was over in around 20mins before it switched to questions. I'd have liked more depth and more demos - but maybe that's just what I'm used to.

I must admit I felt a bit furtive for the duration. Anyone else make it along? Tim Anderson's got a good write up of the day on his blog.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    I was there and was also disappointed in the high levelness of it. As a developer I like code but there was a large lack of it in the sessions I attended (Maps, KML, Gadgets, From Mashup to Business). Ok the last one I wasnt expecting there to be any code.

    Either way it was an interesting day hearing things from googles view. Tho I did feel like I was the only person in the bloggers lounge running Vista tho.

    Tho the sweets and thinking putty were a nice giveaway *hint hint*

  2. BenN says:

    I actually left early. The high-level talks just weren’t what I was expecting, although when you think about it, the Google APIs aren’t exactly that complicated are they? Comparing events about web-apps which have a small number of functions with an event on .NET which is *huge* seems a litte unfair. There’s just so much less to talk about in the first place.

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