Bad Day at the Gym

My sadistic physio has said that I *will* do the marathon no matter what it takes and insists I've been slacking by not training due to my achilles injury. So back to the gym it was last night for some achilles-friendly exercise. I thought I'd do some bike work, maybe a little x-trainer, try the rowing machine and then some swimming (highly recommended by the physio as I have a bit of a back issue as well. I am falling apart).

So I pack my bag for the gym agonising over which shorts to take as I've lost a bit of weight and my less-favoured shorts (yes, in my life even shorts have a pecking order) should now fit me a bit better. Sadly, when I arrive at the gym there are no shorts in my bag. No matter how hard I search, no shorts are to be found. Well, that's okay, at least I brought my trunks...

  1. I have to wear my swimming trunks in the gym - I hope nobody spots me
  2. I do 30mins on the exercise bike. It was a bit uncomfortable (the saddle that is) but I hadn't anticipated the fact that I wouldn't be able to walk when I got off. It took me a good 10mins to recover from that vicious bike seat and I can still feel the bruises now.
  3. I go for a nice swim to round things off.
  4. As I come out the pool I realise I'm still wearing my (very soggy) pants under my trunks...

Bad day at the gym indeed...

Comments (2)

  1. William Sullivan says:

    I’m reading this, thinking "how can you put your swimming trunks on over your PANTS and forget about it?  Then I realize my error–wrong side of the Atlantic.  On the up side, I also now know why the Japanese use the borrowed word "pants" for underwear.

  2. Philip Stears says:

    All I can say is thank-you. That has put what I count as some of my bad days into perspective!

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