New for Web Developers in Orcas March CTP

I stated below "And, as I understand it, much improved performance switching between Design and Source views, a unified undo/redo stack and full access to features like the properties dialogue in source view". Having downloaded and fired up the VPC I can now confirm:

  • Wow - *much* improved performance is an understatement. The VPC I'm running it in is slowww but switching views is lightning quick
  • The unified undo / redo stack between source and design views is there though it toggles views if you undo something that was originally done in the "other" view which I find a little disorienting 🙂
  • I can now happily edit my properties in source view form the properties window (so get access to colour pickers etc)
  • And for JavaScript I can add breakpoints in inline script blocks and I get nice, helpful intellisense with type inference.

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