Marathon Training Update – Week 4

This week's schedule (only 3 runs this week giving us the chance to switch the long run to Saturday morning and get it out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of the weekend - apart from aching limbs...):

  • Mon: 40min easy run or x-train - done in the gym. It's cold outside!
  • Wed: 30min hill session - ouch, this hurts. Done in the gym and felt like an eternity.
  • Sat: 9 miles - round Windsor Great Park again. The views to the castle are just amazing. Beautiful day - what a way to start your weekend! (This is the 9 mile route we took)

My pulled muscle seems to have sorted itself out thanks to our occupational therapist and regular visits from Mr Ibuprofen - no more pain when exerting myself anymore so no more excuses for slacking on the hard runs. Only 3 runs this week gave us the opportunity to swap the long run to Saturday meaning it's out of the way and not playing on your mind for the rest of the weekend.

My weight's still hanging around the 105kg mark so I may have to do something diet-wise as I know the running would be a *lot* easier if I drop my weight below 100kg. Tricky one though as I do enjoy my food and all this running makes you feel like you should be able to enjoy whatever you want (and of course it makes you hungry). Maybe a few nights of cold meat and salad wouldn't go amiss though.... More fruit, less Maya Gold too...

Huge thanks to all those who've sponsored my including irascian (thanks Ian), Zi (I heard the geek dinner was excellent - more fun than the gym anyway!), DaveS (thanks Dave), Philip, Aftab, Kim, Spursfan et al.

If you haven't sponsored me yet, please take a moment to visit my sponsorship page for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

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