[UK] Office and Vista Online Developer Launch Event – Get Ahead of the Curve

If you're planning to join us online for the developer launch of Office and Vista, here's some information to help you get ready in plenty of time. As part of the activities, we'll be giving you the chance to build a couple of simple applications to get some hands-on experience with Vista, Office and .NET Fx 3.0. If you want to take part, I've listed below the bits you'll need.

Build Requirements


      • Right-click the VSTOProjects node and select “New...”
      • Enter a name for your new code group such as “MyOfficeConfig” and click “Next”
      • Set the condition type to "URL"
      • Set the URL to be the full URL to the app.config file for your assembly – something like “C:\Users\username\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\OfficeLaunchClient\OfficeLaunchClient\bin\Debug\OfficeLaunchClient.dll.config” – and click “Next”
      • Use existing permission set “Full Trust” and click “Next” and click “Finish”

That's it. If you're fortunate enough to have a scratch partition / machine to play with that's a good way to go. More information on the exercises will be published as part of the launch activity on 19th/20th January.

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  1. As you may already know, our UK developer launch event is held over 2 days, with day 1 a series of technical

  2. antointhe says:

    Darn it Mike

    I like my Frontpage 2k3 sometimes for some quick and dirty stuff (familiar faces an’ all that…) .  I’m ((sniffle, sniff sniff)) reluctant to let it go :*(

  3. crazydave says:

    ok, I’ve read the launch e-mail about 5 times, I’ve scoured the launch site for information about 5 times as well – just one little question –


    You keep going on about joining you online and viewing the ‘online presentations throughout the day’, but where is the link? Where are the presentations?

    If the link is somewhere obvious then sorry for shouting…

  4. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Sorry to have lead you on a wild goose chase crazydave. The online launch starts concurrently with the live event so you’ll see the launch materials appear on Friday after the live keynote. At that point you’ll be able to watch the session presentations (the keynote will be streamed live).

  5. atomice says:

    Do you know when the keynote will be available to download? It says 11 on the website but it’s 12.30 and it’s not there.

  6. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Sorry atomice. I don’t know when the link went live but it should have been available not long after the keynote to stream. We’re having some issues with the download versions so there have been removed as a (hopefully) temporary measure.

  7. If you have started, or intend to start, tackling the "assignments" for the UK Developer Launch of Windows

  8. It’s Monday and I’m back in the office, here at Microsoft in Reading. I spend Saturday here as well.

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