ASP.NET Nuggets

Many of you will probably be aware that the team I’m a part of generates a stream of short technical videos we call “Nuggets” and I generated a few ASP.NET 2.0 videos some time back fully intending to create a full series. Of course I was overtaken by events as ASP.NET 2.0 is one Microsoft technology where the team have done a great job of making resources available. From Scott’s blog to to the ASP.NET developer centre and webcast series and the Essential ASP.NET series from Fritz Onion, there’s a wealth of information out there – and that’s just from Microsoft! And then today I came across the ASP.NET HOW DO I Video Series? – they’re nuggets by another name and they’re terrific! The image quality is outstanding – looks like they’ve opted for bigger download size (while for nuggets we kept the download size to a minimum but paid a price in image quality). Anyway – if you were looking for some ASP.NET 2.0 nuggets I encourage you to head over to the ASP.NET HOW DO I Video Series?


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