Talking of PowerPoint…

I've been blown away by just how good PowerPoint 2007 is. Since I got back from the Office System Developers Conference I've been using the various 2007 Office products more and more - in particular PowerPoint. I had 2 presentations to deliver yesterday and I decided to update both with PowerPoint 2007. Sample results below (click through for full size versions):

Before After

This is all done through the magic of "IGX Graphics" and is as simple as right clicking on the text box you want to convert and selecting "Convert to IGX Graphic". You then have a whole host of layout styles and colour schemes you can apply. The above conversion on each slide was done with literally 3 selections (IGX Graphics Type -> Apply Style -> Apply Colour Scheme).

[Update 8th June 2006 - I notice that IGX Graphics have been renamed "SmartArt" in Beta 2]

Comments (2)

  1. AdamB says:

    Yes … IGX Graphics are very cool. A few questions:

    1. What does IGX stand for?

    2. How can I make my own IGX graphics? Is there an API for this?

    3. Will Visio support IGX?

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Well I’ll have a stab at the first one Adam…

    (1) Information Graphics (?)

    (2) I’ve not explored this yet but you’ve sparked my curiosity

    (3) I don’t have Visio 2007 installed right now but will download it and take a look to see what support there is for IGX.


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