At DevWeek Today

Thoroughly enjoyed DevWeek today and look forward to another day there tomorrow. Dave Wheeler's keynote and WPF sessions got an all round thumbs up and Jason Clark's session on Custom Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 was also very good (except for the font - Lucida Console 14 point is your friend when presenting to a large audience!)

Unfortunately I can't make Thu / Fri as I have to be in the office on Thursday and I head off on holiday to New Zealand on Friday for a couple of weeks. It's my first time in NZ so I'm thoroughly looking forward to it - it looks like a spectacularly beautiful country.

When I get back, Mike Taulty and I will be delivering an MSDN evening on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) at the Microsoft Offices in Reading. I say "we" but I think Mike will be talking and I'll be recovering from the worst dose of jet-lag I've ever experienced. The irony is I have a "pit-stop" in Los Angeles on the way back from NZ and less than a week later I fly "back" again to Seattle. If only I could have arranged it so I could hop off the flight in LA and just hang around for a few extra days... Oh well...

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