Upcoming UK MSDN Events

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Here's a selection of a events in the pipeline for the next month or so. DevWeek is a great conference with a broad spectrum of speakers and tracks including .NET, Avalon / Indigo, ASP.NET, Architecture and SQL Server. There are quite a few events coming up on WinFx - keep a lookout for them...

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  1. James Crowley says:

    Plus there are *loads* more upcoming UK (non-MSDN) events listed at http://www.developerfusion.co.uk/Events/ 😉

  2. MikeO [MSFT] says:

    Sorry James – remiss of me not to mention you. And an excellent page it is too! Apart from all the events, I like your tabs. 🙂 Assume that’s done with CSS. Very nice look. I’ll be at the London .NET User Group meeting you have listed for tonight… "Ian Griffiths on C# 3.0". I’m looking forward to it.

  3. James Crowley says:

    hehe – you’re forgiven 😉 I’ll see you tonight!

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