Fancy some help to port your Windows Phone app to Windows 8?

Over the weekend of 15/16th June we’ll be running an exclusive 2 day event designed to help you get your Windows Phone app onto Windows 8 and into the Windows Store. To participate, you must have a Windows Phone app in the Marketplace. Image by BUILDWindows (Creative Commons License: Attribution) Kicking off on Saturday 16…


Windows 8 Camp in a Box

If you’ve recently attended one of our Windows 8 Events or Windows 8 Camps (London, Edinburgh, Manchester, London again, Birmingham etc etc) then you may have asked us about how you can get hold of the materials. You’ll be pleased to hear that the official materials including Hands on Labs, presentations, samples and other resources…


What Metro style app packages are installed?

There comes a time when you’ll want to see a list of all the Metro style app packages installed on your Windows 8 machine. Occasionally you may need to do this in order to fix a registration issue – I’ve seen this happen occasionally in Consumer Preview – manually removing the app package can resolve…


Act quickly to get your Windows Phone app showcased

The Appvertise campaign from Windows Phone and Nokia is a great opportunity to have your Windows Phone app showcased in current campaigns including banner ads, Marketplace, PR and press outreach. Each month a limited number of apps will be selected for promotion. The deadline for the June campaign is 15th May so you’ll need to…


Windows Phone–Skype Beta

Today we also announced the availability of a beta of the much anticipated Skype app for Windows Phone. It looks absolutely awesome. I’m installing it now. Get the beta from Marketplace here     


New Phones, New Markets

Hot off the press from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the news that Windows Phone will be rolling out across another 23 markets and the engineering team have done the work to optimise Windows Phone OS to run on lower-cost hardware. This means devices based on the SoC (System on a Chip) architecture and…


More Windows Phone Events (UK)

We have another couple of free Windows Phone events coming up – one in London and one in Bristol. London is on Saturday 4th Feb (I’ll be there) Bristol is on Saturday 11th Feb (my fellow evangelist Andrew Spooner will be there) For full details see the UK MSDN blog (don’t ask me about that…


Star Chart–A Definitive AR App for Windows Phone

I asked San Shepherd, co-founder of Escapist Games Ltd, a few questions about Star Chart, a high tech star gazing companion that allows you to see what’s out there in all its augmented reality glory. Q. Tell me a bit about your background and Escapist Games. "Our vision was to make the heavens… something that…


The AdControl Requires Certain Capabilities

In my post last week I talked about the Advertising SDK and using the AdControl in our applications as a means of generating revenue. I should have mentioned something that could catch you out – the AdControl requires certain capabilities to be defined in your app manifest. Specifically: For Silverlight apps you’ll need: ID_CAP_IDENTITY_USER ID_CAP_MEDIALIB…


You know the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone works in the UK right?

If only I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked when Microsoft’s in-app advertising would be available in the UK. The Microsoft Advertising SDK was only available in the US for the initial Windows Phone launch. With the release of Mango however, 11 additional countries were added including the UK. What does this…