Why MS-CRM isn’t a CRM product

For the longest time I’ve held the belief that the underlying infrastructure behind MS-CRM was there to support arbitrary business applications. It’s funny, for the last six months I’ve been betting my career on that belief, and even more today, I truly believe that the core value proposition is that CRM is so extensible that…


Multiple forms per "entity"?

Why not? I was just thinking about yesterday’s post and had one of those disturbing thoughts that I get when I want to make software do something that its authors didn’t intend (well, maybe, sorta, kinda).   Let’s say I want to create multiple forms per “entity” (note the quotes). One way I might do…


Dealing with many 1:M CRM relationships

I while back I mentioned in the CRM newsgroups that it was possible to create multiple relationships between two entities. For the most part this is true, but there are some hoops to jump through and each of those hoops is ringed in fire. More specifically, using this approach to solve the “many relationships” problem…


Any uptake on the RSS connector for CRM?

Is anyone actively using the RSS connector CRM? If so, how are you using it and did you customize it any way? If not, what are the reasons for not using it?   This is really for my information. The CRM team might watch this space and have some desire to use the information, but…


What is a "necessary evil"?

Charles Eliot  stopped me in the café at lunch today and asked me to clarify my comments about why direct database access in MS-CRM is a necessary evil. Actually, I think I used the phrase “evil-but-absolutely-necessary” when I described the design and implementation of filtered views.   Way back when the CRM product was in…


New CRM blog and blogger

Note: free exposure to CRM team members’ blogs. Charles Elliot, a good friend and recently a co-worker of mine, has finally jumped into the blogging world. Knowling Charles I’m expecting a lot of goodness to come our way. In particular, I’m waiting for him to start talking about music and his take on it. In…


Announcing the RSS connector for MS-CRM 3.0

We’ve finally released the RSS connector for MS-CRM. I’ve mentioned this tool a few times. This has been a long release mired in a few documentation, legal, and technical issues. But, that’s not your concern, you probably just want to download this thing, install it, and make things happen. Well, here’s the backgrounder on what’s making the…


Inside MS-CRM goes Outside

It all started with an email to a few guys working on a replacement lead management solution for MSN. The point of that email was that we could change the way software was built and create a new model for our partners around linking software to services in the clouds. Wow, now that I look…


Using the CRM SDK offline

I’ve been meaning to write something about using the CRM SDK in an offline state, and I’ve been meaning to write it for a few years now. I guess I never had the right prodding, but recent newsgroup posts show that there are people interested in this, and that they’re stuck.   So, I started…


RSS connector revisited

I’m getting close to finishing the RSS connector now. I’ve finished the cache code and I’ve switched the query engine over to use the CRM 3.0 web services. I’m not sure how we’ll release this, but I suspect it’ll be part of the CRM GotDotnet sandbox somewhere. Stay tuned.