Why are thermostats like a VCR?

Actually, I don’t have an answer. For some reason thermostats still seem to follow a 1980s user paradigm. There are days where a simple T-50 (you know, the round thermostat) model would work tremendously better. I needed to change my thermostat settings, first to deal with the newer insulation and windows, and second to deal…


Temperature inversion

Well, turns out doing a bunch of home “tightening” has some interesting effects on the climate in the house (and helped locate a few external leaks that were missed). My house is what’s called a tri-level. That is you enter on the main floor which has all the common living spaces, and can go up…


It’s getting warmer in Bellevue?

I’ve been paying attention to two different things about my house for the last year or so (while I’ve gone dark). The first is that it’s unusually cold in parts of the house, the house is showing its age, and the single-pane windows always seem to be wet. The second is that it costs me…


I’ve decided that I finally really give up on stored procedures

As much as I want to play the game and use stored procedures for data access logic, time and time again I run into yet anothe rissue where I get bit. I’ve always pushed back on developers who want to use stored procedures for any number of reasons. There’s a great list of reasons here….


Too funny

Yeah, yeah, I’ve been really quiet for a really long time. I know. I’m sorry. But, I’ve been busy with my new venture in MSR. I can’t talk about much of it right now, even our internal email messages go through DRM. Let’s just say that I’ve been having fun with hardware (ya know, soldering…


GP’s been drinking the Kool-aid again

I really respect GP’s opinions on a lot of SaaS-related issues, but this one might be pushing my boundaries a little bit. GP is starting to confuse a rich client experience sitting on some “free” cloud storage as an S+S story. I don’t know about this. It’s a very small step from storing a document…


Not surprising, but I have nothing to say

It’s not going to come as a surprise to anyone who used to read my blog and has noticed that it’s been very quite. I realized that I really have nothing to say when I’m not working on a project that I can say nothing about. I have been working on a few interesting projects…