SaaS: Collaboration

Yesterday I set the stage for the 5Cs of Saas: collaboration, community, connectedness, completeness, and changeability. Today I’m going to focus on collaboration in SaaS. As I mentioned yesterday our team found, through customer interviews and research, that a motivating factor – one of the primary factors – for SaaS purchases is to allow seamless…


What does SaaS mean (to me)

I’ve been thinking about this software-as-a-service thing for many, many years now (prior to joining MSFT I wrote one of the first internet chat applications with my buddy Scott, and later on I worked on the leading internet-delivered skills assessment system). Clearly there are different camps and that’s a good thing. It means we understand…


What is an application platform?

I’m working on a short paper / presentation that describes my position on what an application platform is, the services it provides, and what it does for the application developer. This is this initial outline. This doesn’t talk about a specific (LOB) application platform, but instead talks about a set of requirements that a platform…


My WPC schedule

Wow, the calendar system on the WPC site isn’t quite what I had expected. So, I’m going to keep my calendar in this posting. I’ll update this as I pick times. Drop me a note if you want to meet and pick an open slot that works for you. The times listed here are already…


WPC here I come

I’ve finally registered for this year’s WPC and I’m extending an invitation to MBS customers and partners to come chat with my team about some of our plans. We’re currently putting together a short presentation to talk about what we’re doing and how we think it impacts the MBS community. In return we’re asking you…


Oh yeah, and the core of LOB applications *is* financials

So it took me seven years to come to this realization. Financials is a hard requirement for just about any line of business application. Without at least core financials it’s impossible to really hit day-to-day scenarios that make business run better. Apologies to Jeff and the rest of the Green team. You were right.


Why MS-CRM isn’t a CRM product

For the longest time I’ve held the belief that the underlying infrastructure behind MS-CRM was there to support arbitrary business applications. It’s funny, for the last six months I’ve been betting my career on that belief, and even more today, I truly believe that the core value proposition is that CRM is so extensible that…