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It was interesting to see Mitch Milam's post about the metadata browser. This was a little tool I put together pre-V1.0 ship, but which didn't make the schedule until V3. Mitch points out the "published" component which displays the entity metadata in a nice format. If you edit list.aspx you'll see two sections commented out that provide links to individual entity schemas. This is unsupported and undocumented functionality that we considered calling "sample code". Turns out that it made it into the box but not enabled by default. These schemas work nicely with the code generators that I blogged about a while back.

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  1. It’s stuck in LegalLand right now. It’s not really Legal’s fault either. When I put the original prototype…

  2. mitchm says:


    That was you?  Cool.  It really is a neat tool and I have been using it regularly.

    Feature Request:

    If you could add the display name to the Attribute matrix, that would make my life a bit easier.

    I have noticed that I sometimes end up changing the Attribute’s display name after creation to match better with existing business process rules and it would be nice to have both values listed so I know exactly what is what.

    Thanks, Mitch

  3. Would you believe it was written as a dev tool before we started 1.0 development? Would you believe that a static version of it shipped in the 1.0 SDK as well?

    I need to go dig into the MD cache’s XML again to see if the display name is there. I think that’s why I didn’t add it to the list in the first place. If it’s there I’ll post a message about how to add it (hint: there’s an XSL that generates the list, the entity definition, and the XSD).

  4. Turns out the as-shipped metadata cache that the MD browser uses for its source XML doesn’t include the display name. I might have a fix for that… actually you can think of it as a re-implementation of the browser. I’ve got the basics of a reasonable public MD cache in place, I just need to retarget the MD browser to use it (or to inject the display name values on the fly).

    It’s interesting that the attribute description is in the serialized metadata, but not the display name. Hmm…

  5. There is a little known feature in CRM 3.0 called the Metadata Browser. You can find this feature by

  6. There is a little known feature in CRM 3.0 called the Metadata Browser. You can find this feature by

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