Aero Glass? In my Virtual Machine? Now it’s *even more* likely than you think…

Starting back in 2006, I wrote a post about how to enable Aero Glass support for Virtual Machines by using Remote Desktop / Terminal Services.  Last August, I wrote another post describing how Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 is able to make Aero Glass happen in a Virtual Machine (hint – also Remote Desktop).  So what more could I possibly have to say on the subject?

Well, remember when Microsoft bought Calista Technologies back in 2008?  Today, we’ve finally announced the results of that purchase: RemoteFX, an amazing set of technologies for enabling VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) with Hyper-V.

RemoteFX is an enhancement to the Remote Desktop Protocols that enhance the end-user experience in a VM, providing “full-fidelity video with 100% coverage for all media types and highly-synchronized audio, rich media support including Silverlight and 3D graphics, and of course, Windows Aero [support].”

Check out Max’s post for more information, or watch the videos from Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization Hour.

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