About those WIM2VHD videos… what’s a good video editing tool?

So, I know that I've been promising everyone some new videos explaining some of WIM2VHD's features.  And I really have been working on them.  I have most of them captured, but editing them... is not going so well.

I've been using Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista to make the first few videos, but the quality turns out to be pretty low, and it's hard to read the text on the screen because the of the bad quality.

So I have a question for you guys. What's a good video editing software package that's free or inexpensive, and can make high-quality WMV files?

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  1. Barry Bond says:

    At home, I use Pinnacle Studio for quick home movie editing.  Version 12 is current, and is < $50 USD.   Good titles, fades, credits, and the WMV encoder produces good-looking output.

  2. Brian Ehlert says:

    At work we use Adobe Captivate.

    Before that I used CamStudio – and still like it.

    But that is for capturing.

    However, all the tools that I have ever used are not great editors.  Rather, I rely on a script, and many takes before I get it right.

    I find that a pause feature in the capture software in invaluable.

    The other thing that works well is taking many smaller captures and stitching them together.  Show one path or partial path until you have to wait for the system to do something and make a hard cut there.

    Then you can stitch it togehter later.

  3. Alex Verboon says:

    I have not used it, but just came accross this one today


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