Hyper-V Installation Tricks – Prologue

Updated for Hyper-V RTM

As you may have heard, we've shipped Hyper-V.  Sorry for the lack of posts - it seems like I'm always on vacation when we ship a major release like this, so my posts lag a few days behind.

Installing Hyper-V isn't exactly a difficult task, but if you have to do it on multiple machines, installing Windows, installing Hyper-V and then applying the RTM patch can be a bit time consuming.   The purpose of this series of posts is to offer a few different ways to help you speed up your Hyper-V deployments.

Here are the major topics I'm planning to post about:

If you've got any other suggestions for topics, please let me know.

Comments (6)

  1. David says:

    How about a complete step-by-step best practice from migrating from Win2003+VS2005R2 to Win2008+Hyper-V?

  2. alaind44 says:

    How about a complete Hyper-V installation on Win2008 Core?

  3. Andres says:

    I am 2 days strugling with installinh Hyper-V Rc0 on 2008 64 bit Core. it does not work – i get 2 sort off errors – black screen after green Microsoft indicator bar or bluescreen 0x0000007E.

    So i also wait for installing steps for core.

  4. Mike Kolitz says:


    The STOP 0x7E is on the host or the guest?

  5. Domain Controllers are perfect virtualization targets, but virtualizing a Domain Controller reintroduces

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