Frequently Asked Questions about the Hyper-V Beta

I’ve been watching the comments – both internally and externally – about yesterday’s launch of the Hyper-V Beta (yes, I know I’m on vacation, but this is exciting to watch), and I thought I’d list the answers to a few commonly asked questions. Q:  How do I install Hyper-V on my 32-bit server?A:  You don’t. …


Microsoft Hyper-V Beta is now available for download!

The bits are available here: There has been a lot of progress made on Hyper-V since the Tech Preview that shipped with Server RC0 and RC1.  The entire system is much more stable and performant.  Even better, installing Hyper-V is now a great deal easier.  You no longer need to apply any hotfixes (those…


"Viridian" no more – Say ‘Hi’ to Microsoft Hyper-V

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I’ve – for one reason or another – been referring to Windows Server virtualization by its codename, which caused some initial confusion.  There’s a reason that I did this – I knew that the name was changing, and I didn’t want to…


What do you want to know about "Viridian" / Windows Server virtualization?

To go along with all of the wonderful blog posts that we’ve been clogging the Intarwebs with this week, some of the other virtualization bloggers here at Microsoft and I are planning to start creating podcasts.  We’ve got some ideas on the type of content we want to provide in the podcast, but we’re also…


How do I automate "Viridian" installation on Win2k8 RC0?

Sorry for the abrupt end to the posts last week, everyone.  I was out sick.  But fear not, for I am once again a healthy and strapping young man.  And as such, I hereby return to blogging Virtual Goodness! So – automating "Viridian" installation.  I’m happy to provide some information on how to do this,…


Installing Windows Server 2003 in a “Viridian” VM

Earlier this week, I posted instructions on how to install the "Viridian" CTP on Windows Server 2008 RC0. VMs aren’t very useful unless you can install an operating system in them, so I thought that today’s post should center on doing just that. As you may have guessed from the title, today we’re going to…


Configuring Virtual Network Switches in “Viridian”

Welcome back everybody. I hope that you found on how to install the "Viridian" CTP to be both informative and educational. Before we move on to installing operating systems inside of VM, we should talk a little bit about how to configure virtual networking. But first, here’s a quick lesson in the terminology we use….


Installing "Viridian" CTP on Windows Server 2008 RC0

So, it appears that the RC0 bits for Windows Server 2008 have been posted to the intarwebs.  As I said in a previous post, the CTP release of the "Viridian" virtualization technology is included in this release of Windows Server. Ben Armstrong has some good reminders for anyone who wants to try this out, so…


"Viridian" CTP bits to ship with Windows Server 2008 RC0!

It looks like the official announcement has finally gone out:  The Windows Server virtualization (also known as Codename "Viridian") CTP will be shipping with the soon-to-be-released Windows Server 2008 RC0 build.  WSv is a great product so far, and it’s been a lot of fun working on it.  We’ve all very excited to see it…


Making Ubuntu 7.04 Work Under Virtual PC 2007

This isn’t exactly on topic for this blog, since up to this point I’ve really only talked about getting Windows Vista running in a VM, but sometimes it’s nice to talk about something else for a change. One of the things that I like most about Virtual Machines is that they let me play with…