Virtual PC 2007 public beta is now available!

As of this morning, a beta version of VPC2007 is now available to the public.  Head on over to Microsoft Connect and pick up a copy (look for available connections - the VPC beta program should be listed).

What does VPC 2007 give you?

Well, for one, it adds Vista as a supported host *and* guest.
It's also got hardware assisted virtualization, so if your processor supports VT or Pacifica extensions, virtualization will run significantly faster.

This comes with Mikey's seal of approval, so seriously - if you're running Vista as a host or a guest, you need to check this bad boy out.

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  1. Shahar Prish says:

    I can’t find the new version on Microsoft Connect – any idea when it’s gonna be there?

    [It should be there right now – I downloaded it at home just a few minutes ago.  Under Available Connections, scroll down to the bottom of the page (or better yet, do a search for ‘Virtual PC’).  Unless you’ve already joined the beta program for VPC, it should be on the list.  If you have already joined the program, it will be on your Participation page. – mikekol]

  2. HTurner says:

    I am not seeing any performance improvement running VISTA on VPC2k7.  The VM Additions would not install.

  3. Mike Shappell says:

    Well I tried out the VPC 2007 Beta on a Vista host.  I was able to build a Vista Guest as well and everything except for sound works well.  Sound is just too garbled to be usable.

    I am also a little disappointed to see that there is no USB support.  It seems like everyone has USB support in their VM product at this point.  It this planned for the future?


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