BillG talks about Windows Server Virtualization at WinHEC – complete with skull shatteringly rockin’ demo!

Interested in what Windows Server Virtualization has to offer?

You can check out what BillG had to say about Virtualization, and an amazing demonstration of WSV by Jeff Woolsey and Mike Sterling over here (direct links: 56k, 100k, 300k).

Bill starts talking about Virtualization at 25:32, and the Windows Server Virtualization demo with Jeff and Mike starts at about 26:45.

Comments (2)

  1. Kevan Smith says:

    As an MS support professional of many years, I think that MS has finally "jumped the shark".

    Logged onto my MSDN subscription this morning and downloaded Vista Beta 2.

    It wants a product key to install a Beta ? – OK, I’ll bite.

    Log back on to MSDN to download product key – errors out.

    Speak to online MSDN support concierge – product key servers have failed under the "strain".

    Since I pay several hundred pounds for an MSDN subscription, this is just utter nonsense.

    I can only presume they spent my MSDN subscription money re-instating the "free towels" for all MS employees.

    Given this and the current state of MS products / support in the last few years, I am seriously considering going with Open Source software.

  2. Mike Kolitz says:

    Incidentally, you’ve needed to have a product key to install betas since at least Windows ME.  This is nothing new.

    Have you considered waiting a bit and then trying again for the "strain" to die down on the key servers?  Given the number of people who were no doubt trying to download Vista and get product keys at the same time, it’s not hard to imagine that there could be traffic issues.

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