HP LaserJet printer hung "processing job"

Vista makes it very easy to add a network printer.  A friend bought an HP laptop and wanted it set up on her LAN to print to a HP LaserJet 5N printer attached to her desktop.  So I went into Visa’s ‘Add Printer’ wizard on the laptop and it discovered the shared printer on the…


Lost Vista Password

My son has an HP laptop and playing around, changed his password and then couldn’t get into his account.  There were a number of problems here, any of which we could have fixed had we been paying more attention earlier on (like soon after he got his laptop): We could have created a password recovery…


Windows C++ Exception Handling

Good post on how to see the stack when an exception is thrown on Windows at http://blogs.msdn.com/slavao/archive/2005/01/30/363428.aspx


Update on Windows XP Install over Windows Server 2003

I wrote about most of the issues I encountered with installing Windows XP on a machine that previously had Windows Server 2003 on it (as part of Windows Small Business Server) in the previous post.  But there was one more wrinkle I thought I would call out since others may run into this. The XP…


REGISTRY_ERROR blue screen error while installing Windows XP

I have an old Dell Dimension 2350 sitting around and when I learned that the head of our kids’ school, West Sound Academy, didn’t have a computer at home, I offered to give her this one.  She was thrilled.  I had used the computer as an experimental box – the latest thing I had on…


Showing a Checkmark in Excel

I had a problem that was surprisingly not easy to do in Excel, and since it seems like a pretty common thing, I thought I’d provide a note here on how to do this. Problem: With Excel 2007, you want to display a “checkmark” or a “red x” in a column that has a logical value…


Visual Studio 2008 "Orcas" Beta 2 and Silverlight

OK, have passed one hurdle in getting Scott Guthrie’s Silverlight samples to work with VS 2008 Beta 2.  The trick suggested by Samsp on the Asp.Net forums is to change the version numbers for the assemblies in the web.config to 3.5 from 2.0.  That did the trick and resolved the missing assembly reference error I was…


Playing with VSTS 2008 Beta 2 and SilverLight 1.1

I’ve started playing around a bit with Visual Studio Team System Beta 2 release with SilverLight 1.1 Alpha release.  I used Scott Guthrie’s SilverLight v1.1 samples.  Haven’t gotten this to run yet – I keep running into some sort of configuration error related to System.Web.Extensions.  I’ll post back if I get this figured out.  


Troubleshooting a Local Network

I just spent a few hours on the phone with my friend Mike Loftin diagnosing problems with his local-area network (LAN).  Mike had recently bought a new machine with Vista installed and wanted to get it working wirelessly on his local network at home.  His problem was that it connected to the local network but…


Problem installing "Form Fill" add-in for Windows Live Toolbar

I like the Windows Live Toolbar, but one thing I miss from its predecessor, the Desktop Search Toolbar is auto form fill.  This allows you to capture stuff like your email address, mailing address, etc. in a password-protected file on your local machine and when the toolbar detects a web form, you can with a…