Setting up a new computer

Yes, even those of us at Microsoft sometimes struggle to set up our new computers at home.  Read on for my story… I bought a new Dell Dimension E520 for my son for Christmas.  So Christmas Eve, after he was in bed, I dragged the Dell box out of its hiding place in the garage…


IE Detectives

Great post on using his tool, Microsoft Fiddler, to track down a web site issue by my friend and colleague, Eric Lawrence.


Desktop Search Saved me $20

I recently bought PartitionMagic, a tool for divvying up my hard drive so that I could have multiple OS’s installed.  I want to have a partition where I can install a test vesion of Vista and Office while still having a “guaranteed safe” partition with XP.  Partition Magic came with a $20 rebate form if…


Check out our beta Office Online site!

With the release of Office 2007 Beta 2, we’ve got an Office Online beta site. It’s accessible to anyone with Office 2007 Beta 2 installed on their machine, and is being actively updated as we find and fix bugs in preparation for the launch of Office 2007 later this year.  When we launch, this site…



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