Super Tooltips

JensenH has written some about a new entry point for help – Super Tooltips. In general, we’re trying to rethink the idea of help.  I often hear from people that “help isn’t helpful” or “I can never find what I need in help.”  I’ve written earlier about how we’re trying to address the help search…


Learning to Love C#

At heart, I’m a programmer.  I’ve been a programmer for 30 years; my first programs were persisted (a word I don’t believe we had then) to punched paper tape, and I remember how a magnetic tape system called DECtape changed our lives. Although it isn’t what I do full-time for a living now (that would be mostly going…


Office Version Numbers

Good posting on Jensen’s New UI Blog on how to decode Office version numbers.


Help Viewer and Programmability Help

One of the questions I’ve heard is about help for the object models Office programs expose.  In particular, some users are very interested in object model or developer help; some end-users would only be confused by this, since they don’t understand Visual Basic or the programmability features of Office applications. I’m happy to say that…


More about the Help Viewer

I have some preliminary screen shots of the “Office 12” help viewer.  Remember that this is all pre-beta and so may change some, but it is all working today and indicates our direction in “Office 12”. A lot of this is in response to customer feedback on the help viewer in Office 2003. The viewer…


Office 12 and Assistance

We’ve started unveiling some of the features in the new upcoming version of Office, code-named “Office 12”.  One of the big ones from my team is a new help interface for Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. We introduced in Office 2003 the idea of connected help, which I’ve written about before here -…


Offline and Online

The Bet is the ‘Net.  That’s a common slogan in my group.   What it means is that we’re increasingly moving from offline content delivery to online content delivery.  We’re increasingly betting that most Office users are either frequently- or always-connected – through corporate networks, DSL and cable modems, or increasingly ubiquitous WiFi.  In fact,…


Office Online and “Content Watson”

Hmmm… it’s been a while since I’ve been here, hasn’t it.. Guess I’ve been busy… One of the things my team does is the Office Online site. Now that’s probably a bit arrogant, because the reality is that there are hundreds of people who “do” the Office Online site – from content writers on our…