Video: CE 6 – Wave your hand to change picture frame images

We recently posted the CE 6.0 Virtual PC Binary BSP to the MSDN Code Gallery – I wanted to build something interesting using the Virtual PC BSP, so decided to build the obvious digital picture frame application with a twist. Virtual PC supports serial input either from a physical COMx port on your development PC…


A new Embedded Blog – Fun with embedded development

David Shoemaker, a developer in the CE shell team has started a new blog on MSDN called Fun with Embedded Development – David plans to build something based on one of the SPARK kits It sound like this will be an interesting project – here’s what David is going to cover… Device working, get an…


News from Embedded Systems West keynote.

There were a number of interesting announcements made at the ESC West keynote yesterday – Kevin Dallas, general manager of the Windows Embedded Business presented the general session. Here’s a list of the announcements. MSDN Embedded Subscription Windows Embedded joins the list of existing MSDN Subscriptions – the MSDN Embedded Subscription gives you access to…


IE8 – Visual Studio Smart Device project issues.

The Visual Studio team have blogged about an issue with Visual Studio 2005/2008 after installing IE8 (Here’s a link to the blog article). I’ve seen this issue when creating a Smart Device project in Visual Studio 2008, the fix is very simple, a change to your desktop registry. – Mike


Compact Framework – Understanding GC/Memory management

Abhinaba from the .NET Compact Framework team has been writing a series of blog posts on the subject of Compact Framework, understanding memory allocation, garbage collection, mark/sweep vs. generational collection, and more to come! Here’s a link to the articles – and to Abhinabas blog homepage – I really like the embedded photos on the…


CE6 – Capturing .NET Compact Framework application statistics.

You’ve just finished writing the worlds most amazing .NET Compact Framework application running on Windows Embedded CE 6.0, the application does everything apart from making a nice cup of hot tea. But how well does the application perform? Writing .NET code is great, the class libraries make you super productive, and unlike C++ development you…


Want to learn C#? – Get the yellow book.

Rob Miles has posted a PDF of his C# Yellow Book on his blog – if you are new to managed programming or the C# language then this 185 page PDF file is for you. – Mike


What is Windows CE ? – Here’s Dion with the answer.

Here’s Dion Hutchings, Technical Product Manager describing Windows CE in only 5 minutes (but only if you play the video at 1.4x speed!) 5 Minutes to understand Windows Embedded CE – Mike


GigaPixel Panorama – Windows CE, ICOP eBox – Cool!

Here’s another really cool project from Georgia Institute of Technology – the GigaPixel Panorama project – the project page has more information about the project and an image that clearly shows the ICOP eBox. – Mike


Slides from ESC Boston now available online.

Olivier Bloch has just posted all of the session slides from ESC Boston online – here’s the blog post and session listing. Here are the two sessions I presented: Develop the next generation of Windows Embedded CE applications using Visual Studio and .Net or native code This demo heavy breakout session walks you through and…