What do you want to learn in 15 minutes or less ?

It looks like Kurt’s video providing an overview of KITL was very useful to a number of you, and I’m sure there are a number of topics you would like to learn more about for Windows Embedded Standard or Windows CE. Perhaps learning about the startup sequence of Windows CE, or the build system and…


On10: Interview with Scott Davis: A look behind Windows Embedded.

This week the Windows Embedded group released Windows Embedded CE 6.0 – In this On10 interview Scott Davis talks about gadgets, where things are going, and why you may not have as many cables in the future. Embedded systems are quickly becoming the norm, from digital picture frames and remote controls in your living room to the…


On10: The unseen Microsoft.

On10.net have just posted a video about embedded systems at Microsoft, here’s a link to the video.  In the video I talk about the different embedded operating systems currently available to developers and show some devices that are using Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, including the iRobot Create Robot (running Windows Embedded CE 6.0) which was…


Channel 9 Screencast: Using Microsoft Robotics Studio with Windows Mobile.

Olivier Bloch, an Embedded Developer Evangelist based in France recently delivered a session at TechEd Europe on using Microsoft Robotics Studio to build a service that runs on a Windows Mobile phone that remotely controls a robot (connected over Bluetooth). Here’s a link to the Channel 9 video and Olivier has posted the source code and…


Podcast: Reflect Systems, using Embedded O/S and WPF for Digital Signage

Reflect Systems have recorded a Podcast that talks about their use of Microsoft technologies in the Digital Signage space – this includes Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, SQL, WPF, and more. Here’s a link to the Podcast. – Mike 


MEDC 2007: Robotics Studio Final.

Here’s the MEDC Sumo Robotics Final – the announcer for the competition was Michael Buffer! (listen out for the famous “Let’s get ready to rumble” just before the final round begins. I interviewed all of the people taking part in the competition, the consistent message from all of the contestants was the ease of development…


MEDC 2007: What is Windows Embedded CE ?

Here’s Derek interviewing the Windows Embedded CE Product Manager, Dan Javnoson – so what is Windows Embedded CE ? – Mike


MEDC 2007: What’s cool about Windows XP Embedded

Derek Snyder interviews John Doyle, the Windows XP Embedded Product Manager – find out what’s new and interesting with Windows XP Embedded. – Mike

MEDC 2007: Microsoft Robotics Studio.

Joseph Fernando is one of the Architects working on Microsoft Robotics Studio, we’ve just released a Community Tech Preview of Robotics Studio 1.5 which now supports CE 6.0 and Windows Mobile.  Here’s David Lee from the Robotics Studio team talking about the Simulation environment. Paul Roberts from the Robotics Studio team gives us a walk through…


MEDC 2007: Rob Tiffany, scaling Windows Mobile across the Enterprise.

Rob Tiffany (Senior Technical Product Manager, Windows Mobile) has built a server rack with thousand of clients to show how Windows Mobile on the front end and SQL/Exchange can scale across the Enterprise – check out the video. Rob had this server rack sat in his office for a week or so before the conference,…