Tuba spotted in Shenzhen!

Spotted at the opening ceremony of the Embedded Systems Conference in Shenzhen – a marching band, one of which was carrying a… Tuba! – I assume that this was tucked away and out of sight for the trip in the car to the conference center! (see previous post here). – Mike


Don’t play the Tuba on the freeway in Shenzhen

I arrived in Shenzhen/China at about 8pm last night for the Embedded Systems Conference China – Just across the street from the hotel there’s an interesting road sign… Which includes a Speed Restriction sign (40kph) and a sign that clearly shows that playing the Tuba while driving is not allowed (see enlarged image below). I…


Aachen to Nuremberg @ 130mph.

The trip from Aachen to Nuremberg went pretty well, a few slow spots (around Frankfurt for example), and some heavy rain that slowed everything down. We did manage to make “reasonable progress” on more than one occasion – Mike Glass (back seat of the car) managed to take a slightly shaky photo of us traveling…


Walk about in Aachen.

Today we finished our meetings in Aachen (Germany) at a good time, jetlag was catching up with Chris, Mike, and I, you could easily see that there were a number of very tired looking people in the meeting room. So we decided to go and eat somewhere in the Aachen town center and then head…

The trip from Dusseldorf to Aachen.

Yesterday I took a flight from London to Dusseldorf and met one of my colleagues (who shall remain nameless for now) who was going to drive us both to Aachen for meetings at the European Microsoft Innovation Center (EMIC) – We had an Audi A8 rental car (same car used in the movie ‘Transporter 2’),…


What are you wearing to the office today?

While waiting to get my morning Vanilla Latte (Grande, obviously), I noticed Randy Ramig from the Windows Mobile team wearing a lump of cheese on his head (see below). I can imagine the morning decision process… “Now, do I wear the Cheese, or the baseball cap”… Hmm…. – Mike


Which Transformer are you?

I’ve just taken the Transformers quiz and it turns out I’m 79% Jazz! (I wonder what the other 21% is?) I AM79%JAZZ Take the Transformers Quiz – Mike


The Matrix Fountain in Sydney

After we completed MEDC rehearsals it was time to get some top shelf tucker out with a few mates who are also working at the event. While walking back to the hotel I noticed a fountain that looked oddly familiar, almost as if I’d been here before, perhaps a touch of déjà vu. To quote…


Hotels and hot water ?

Why is it that you turn on a hot water tap in your hotel room and you get instant hot water, but at home you have to wait for the hot water to come through ? – Mike


MEDC is just like managed development.

MEDC is an event, right ? And the MSDN C# Documentation clearly states that Delegates are the basis for Events. Makes sense, right ? – Mike