Cambridge/UK – a strange place.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Cambridge/UK for business meetings – I arrived the day before meetings started to give me some time to shake off jetlag and walk around the city. The city has many of the landmarks you would expect from a typical English city, including iconic Telephone boxes… Amazing architecture……


Engadget: If Microsoft made toasters…

Check out this Engadget article – If Microsoft made toasters Interestingly the toaster has a Microsoft Dynamics logo on the side… Perhaps this is the best thing since sliced bread… – Mike

Quote of the day…

I’m working on a side project, trying to get some code up and running that uses an old software stack and was having some issues – I decided to write a quick e-mail to the developer that initially worked on the stack to see if he had some ideas on how to get the code…


Disabled blog “Contact me” form

I’ve temporarily disabled the blog e-mail contact form for my blog due to blog e-mail spam. I will re-enable at some point in the near future. if you want to send me questions you can do so at “mikehall @” – Mike


This weeks international food tasting experience…

A couple of weeks ago a few people in the team had an international food tasting experience, starting with Spotted Dick and custard – This week we decided to step up a notch, trying “Baked Beans” from around the world, in this case three US bean varieties (two Van Camps, and one Bush’s), and Heinz…


Afternoon Snack… Trying out international food.

Someone at work decided it would be good to try out some international foods over the next couple of weeks, this weeks treat… see below. Next week – a comparison of Baked Beans (US vs. UK) [why does US beans have a lump of pork in the can?]. – Mike


Am I a PC? (a quick comparison)

Yesterday I posted “I am a Device” to the blog, and got a comment back that “we are what we eat”, so we could be a cheeseburger, or a slice of lemon loaf, but we cannot be a “PC” – but there are a number of similarities between a PC and a person, some of…


The Best Coffee Cart in the world?

I’ve been in Cambridge, UK for the last few days, and spotted perhaps the best coffee cart in the world (see below). The coffee making kit is on the back of the car (click to get the large version of the image). Very cool! – Mike


Using Coffee Cups to detect phone signal strength

While waiting for the Starbucks iCup machine to do it’s thing I noticed that the stack of cups precisely mirrored the number of bars on my cell phone… spooky! – Mike


Dilbert and the role of Architect.

Found this Dilbert cartoon quite funny (not even remotely close though). – Mike