.NET Gadgeteer Robot (blog link)

You’ve probably heard about the .NET Gadgeteer kit (link to Microsoft Gadgeteer site – and link to Microsoft Research Gadgeteer site) which gives the ability to rapidly develop cool/interesting hardware/software solutions without needing to know much about hardware – building a simple digital camera that takes photos and stores the images on a USB stick…


.NET Gadgeteer on MSDN Channel 9

Check out the video on MSDN Channel 9 where Colin Miller (Product Unit Manager for .NET Micro Framework) provides an overview of .NET Gadgeteer.   – Mike

.NET Gadgeteer at Maker Faire

Colin Miller (Product Unit Manager for .NET Micro Framework) explains and demos the .NET Gadgeteer at Maker Faire in NY, here’s the video… The video also shows some demos built using Gadgeteer – More information about the .NET Gadgeteer can be found on the Microsoft Research site.

Want to learn C#? – Get the yellow book.

Rob Miles has posted a PDF of his C# Yellow Book on his blog – if you are new to managed programming or the C# language then this 185 page PDF file is for you. – Mike


Sending e-mail from .NET Micro Framework

Pavel Bánský has been working on more cool .NET Micro Framework, I just found this article over on his blog – Pavel has written an SMTP class that makes it easy to send e-mails from the .NET Micro Framework, including attachments! – very cool. – Mike 


NETMF 3.0, Windows 7 Embedded, Spark Competition, Tools Updates.

There were a number of announcements made at ESC East (and PDC) that might be of interest for both hobbyist and commercial developers. .NET Micro Framework 3.0 The .NET Micro Framework team announced availability of the .NET Micro Framework 3.0 SDK with a number of new features. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) FAT32-compatible file system Compatibility…


.NET Micro Framework Competition – Dare to dream different challenge.

The .NET Micro Framework team are running a competition called the Dare to dream different challenge. Like most competitions there are a number of rounds, as follows. Round 1 – Submit your idea (October 8th – December 15th 2008) Round 2 – Create a working prototype (January 15th – March 31st 2009) Round 3 –…


<$100 .NET Micro Framework Development board!

Check out this low cost .NET Micro Framework board from GHI Electronics – The GHI web site also contains a video of the board being used to play a .MP3 file from a USB stick – pretty cool!   The board is listed at $99, and has the following hardware and software features. Software: Micro…


.NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta SDK and 3.0 Features.

The .NET Micro Framework team have made a Beta of the .NET Micro Framework 3.0 available to download from the Microsoft Connect Site (more information on the NETMF team blog) What’s new and interesting with v3.0 I hear you ask… The list of features planned for the v3.0 release can be found here and here’s…