Imagine Cup: Embedded Competition Final Day

Here’s a snapshot of the final day at Imagine Cup. Next year the Imagine Cup goes to Poland – more information here. – Mike


Imagine Cup – Day 4. Projects and Walkabout.

Imagine Cup hits day 4 – In today’s video we get to talk to some of the teams, find out what the driver was for their project and get a view of the teams getting some well deserved “down time”. – Mike


Imagine Cup – Windows Embedded – Final six teams.

The Imagine Cup Embedded competition has reduced the number of teams to the final six – get a view of the teams, their projects, and the competition overall (video below). – Mike


Imagine Cup 2009 – Embedded Competition – Day Two

Here’s a look at day two of the embedded competition at the Imagine Cup in Cairo/Egypt – This is where the judging starts – Here a view of day two, including some of the judging process. – Mike


Imagine Cup 2009, Egypt – Embedded Competition Day One

Imagine Cup 2009 is now complete – here’s a look at Day One from the event in Cairo Egypt. Having been involved in the Imagine Cup and Windows Embedded Student Challenge I can say that these events are amazing, the focus of the student teams is amazing, some teams stay up all night tweaking their…


Imagine Cup 2009 – Cairo/Egypt

The Imagine Cup 2009 competition starts in roughly two days – one part of the evnet is the Embedded Development competition – our roving reporter Olivier Bloch (see photo below) will be on-site working as a judge for the embedded competition. I expect Olivier will be blogging highlights from each day – check Olivier’s blog…


Imagine Cup 2008: The Embedded Development Story.

If you are not already signed up for the 2009 Imagine Cup then you should take a look at the Embedded Development Story from this years event (see below) – Video is 22 minutes. The Embedded Development Story at the 2008 Imagine Cup Finals in Paris, France – Mike


Imagine Cup 2009: Solve the World’s Toughest Problems (sign up now!)

The United Nations has identified some of the hardest challenges in the world today in its Millennium Goals. This year the Imagine Cup uses these ambitious challenges as a guiding light to inspire change all over the world. Learn more about the eight Millennium Goals Information on the Embedded Competition can be found here. The…


Imagine Cup – Embedded Finals

The finals of the Imagine Cup are coming up tomorrow, July 8th – the theme for this years competition is “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment”, this sounds like the perfect challenge for embedded hardware and software engineering! There are six teams through to the Windows Embedded competition finals (see below) -…


Imagine Cup – Embedded Invitational – Round One Reports Due THIS FRIDAY!

I wanted to point out that the Round One reports for the Embedded Invitational within Imagine Cup 2008 are due on Feb 1st – this Friday.  This will mark the end of participation opportunities for those not already signed up.  It’s not too late to join the competition though.  The Round One report, the entry…