A look at Microsoft Surface Computing.

Today Microsoft announced “Surface Computing” which is being developed by the Productivity and Extended Consumer Experiences Group (the same group that Embedded technologies lives in) – what is Surface Computing? to quote Tom Gibbons, VP of the division “Surface computing is a completely intuitive and liberating way to interact with digital content. It blurs the…


Channel9: Robotics Tour: CCR, VPL, Simulation.

The Channel9 guys recently dropped into the Microsoft Robotics Studio team to take a look at CCR, DSS, VPL and other three letter things – take a look at the video here. – Mike


Channel9 Screencast: Managed Application development for Windows Embedded CE 6.0

Building an embedded operating system is typically just the start of the development process – you probably want to also write/test/debug some applications on top of the operating system image – there are a number of steps needed to get this working, and a number of operating system features needed for this to work. In…


Channel 9 Screencast: CE Application Compatibility (CEAppCompat)

Just before launch of CE 6.0 I spent a few minutes over with the CE documentation team talking about application development and the new CEAppCompat tool that can be used to determine if your existing CE 5.0 based application/driver would have any issues running on CE 6.0. We’ve just uploaded a video to MSDN Channel…


Channel 9 Screencast: Sue Loh, understanding Performance Tools.

Here’s another excellent Channel 9 video to keep you busy… Sue Loh (CE_Base blog) a developer on the CE tools team recorded a video that discusses performance tools for embedded development – this is now posted on the MSDN Channel 9 Screencast site. – Mike