Build your own embedded device at ESC East (Boston – Sept 21-24)

At ESC East (Boston Sept 21-24) you will have the opportunity to get hands on with Windows Embedded technologies and an Intel Atom based board. The board spec is: Low power Intel® Atom Z510 GHz processor 1 GB DDR2-533 on-board mini SD socket 160Gb 2.5” SAT DVI output up to 1920×1080 through HDMI connector High…


Imagine Cup: Embedded Competition Final Day

Here’s a snapshot of the final day at Imagine Cup. Next year the Imagine Cup goes to Poland – more information here. – Mike


PowerToy: PipeTerm for Virtual PC 2007

We recently released a CE 6.0 Binary BSP for Virtual PC 2007 – This can be quite useful for building and testing CE 6.0 images on your desktop PC, in much the same way as building and testing CE 6.0 operating system images using the existing ARM Device Emulator that ships with the CE 6.0…


Hosting a Silverlight 2.0 Application on CE 6.0 – Calling the CE Host.

Recently I posted some information about hosting a Silverlight 2.0 application on a Windows CE 6.0 based host – This was really straight forward, I built a (very) simple Silverlight 2.0 application in Expression Blend, this generates a .XAP file, I ran the Silverlight application from Expression Blend which launches a test page for the…


Video: CE 6 – Wave your hand to change picture frame images

We recently posted the CE 6.0 Virtual PC Binary BSP to the MSDN Code Gallery – I wanted to build something interesting using the Virtual PC BSP, so decided to build the obvious digital picture frame application with a twist. Virtual PC supports serial input either from a physical COMx port on your development PC…


Download: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Virtual PC Binary BSP

I get a reasonable number of questions about supporting Virtual PC 2007 from Windows Embedded CE 6.0. We’ve just published a CE 6.0 Binary BSP for Virtual PC 2007 on the MSDN Code Gallery site. Note that this is not an officially supported BSP (don’t phone product support, the only support mechanism will be through…


MSDN Code Gallery: CE 6.0 XML Web Services WSDL/WSML Generator

I’ve just created an MSDN Code Gallery page to host a utility initially created for Windows CE 4.2 to automate the generation of WSDL/WSML files for native code XML Web Services. The utility is called CEWSDLGen – the MSDN Code Gallery page is here. CEWSDLGen solves a couple of problems with building native code XML…


A new Embedded Blog – Fun with embedded development

David Shoemaker, a developer in the CE shell team has started a new blog on MSDN called Fun with Embedded Development – David plans to build something based on one of the SPARK kits It sound like this will be an interesting project – here’s what David is going to cover… Device working, get an…


Rockwell Automation – Web Enabled HMI

Here’s a snip from Rockwell Automation’s site – Web-enabled access to plant-floor systems is increasingly important as you look to monitor and manage your production systems from remote locations. With Rockwell Automation’s web-enabled HMI solutions, it’s now easier than ever to view production using a common Web browser. You get crisp, sharp images and a…