How many embedded devices are you using each day?

We all use embedded devices throughout the day without thinking about how many ‘smart’ systems are around us, from the in-car entertainment system, digital photo frame, home automation/security, digital signage, medical systems and more… When you start counting the number of devices you actually use each day the total number can be quite surprising! -…

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update 3

Windows Embedded Compact Update 3 is now available for download – here’s the link. What’s in the update? – here’s the overview from the MSDN download website. This release contains an update for the Compact Test Kit that includes the CTK Automation Tool Solution (CATS), a new tool that enables automation of test scenario execution…


Windows Embedded Compact 7 Webcast: Improving Boot Times

On Tuesday October 25th at 9am (Pacific Time – US/Canada) Doug Boling, well known presenter and book author will be presenting an online Webcast covering Windows Embedded Compact 7, Improving Boot Times. Registration/Information can be found here. – Mike

CEContentWiz utility available on Codeplex

David Jones (of Embedded101 fame – more information on the founding members of Embedded101 can be found here) has uploaded a new utility to CodePlex, the utility is called CEContentWiz, this is similar to the CEFileWiz utility that I released some time back with some additional bells and whistles – Here’s a link to the…

Keyboard Filter Driver for Windows Embedded Standard 7

Elbacom have just published a Keyboard Filter Driver for Windows Embedded Standard 7, this is positioned as a Christmas Present from Elbacom (here’s a link) – examples of keys that can be filtered include CTRL+ALT+DEL, Win+E etc. Could be interesting for kiosk mode devices! – Mike

Job: Windows Embedded Technical Product Manager

The Windows Embedded Business has an opening for a Senior Technical Product Manager position (link) – the role is a mixture of “hands on” technology and presenting at conferences/talking to customers – here’s the official job description – sounds interesting? – then go for it!. The Senior Technical Product Manager position for Windows Embedded products…

.NET Gadgeteer on MSDN Channel 9

Check out the video on MSDN Channel 9 where Colin Miller (Product Unit Manager for .NET Micro Framework) provides an overview of .NET Gadgeteer.   – Mike

CE6 Driver Wizard for Visual Studio

Check out the CE Stream Driver Wizard on CodePlex created by David Jones – more information about the driver wizard can be found on the Embedded101 community site. – Mike