Linux in Embedded Systems – The Windows side of the story.

A few days ago I posted an article from Cots Journal Online which discussed some of the shortcomings of Linux use in embedded systems. Based on some of the comments posted back to the blog it would appear that Linux is used because of the community which surrounds it rather than for the technical merits of…


Halo Movie

The Seattle Times have posted an article that hints at a Halo Movie being made (had to happen, right?). ok, so place your bets for who’s going to be playing which role… – Mike


I will NEVER use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded !!!

That’s quite a strong statement, right ? – so why wouldn’t I use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded ? The operating systems are too big There’s no support for real-time functionality The operating systems are not secure It’s too hard to configure an operating system for my needs The tools are too expensive Licencing…


Halo2 or MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf ?

Halo2 is set to hit the streets at 12:01am on 9th November – this is perhaps one of the most anticipated game releases this year – but to keep you on your toes it looks like MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf is also going to be keeping a ton of people playing late into the night, the…


XBOX 2 ?

Engadget have an article running that talks about potential specs for the next version of XBOX – check it out. Here’s how the next generation of XBOX *might* look.           – Mike


Podcast == mp3 only ?

Just been having a discussion with the Scoble about our Video RSS feed from TechEd 2005 – Robert suggests that we shouldn’t be calling these a “Podcast” because Podcasts are only for mp3 files and iPods. I disagree with this thinking, while it’s true that Podcast started as a way to deliver mp3 files to…


Coding – Hare or Tortoise ?

You have a product to build, this requires an embedded operating system (of course!) and applications/services – you have a choice of application development tools, languages and frameworks Assembler – small, fast, error prone, takes for ever to code – and looks stupid on a printout (only taking the first few characters on a page,…


ok, try this…

totally off topic, but… sit in a chair and lift your left leg so your foot is about 6 inches off the floor rotate your left foot in a clockwise direction (only your foot) – and keep it going… now, using your left hand try to draw the numeric ‘6’ in the air using your…


Optical Illusion…

Ok, this is pretty wild, stare at the image below for a few seconds, you should be able to make out a Giraffe… – Mike


Flying with the BSOP (Black Screen of Penguin)

Derek Snyder and I are flying from Hong Kong to Vancouver/Canada on Cathay Pacific, nice airline, great service, comfortable seats, and an in-flight entertainment system that crashes at the drop of a hat. The interesting thing about this is the entertainment system is running Linux (see below, spot the penguin in the top left corner of…