Windows Embedded Keynote at SMART TECHnology World

On Friday 23rd March 2012 Kevin Dallas, General Manager of the Windows Embedded Business at Microsoft delivered a keynote presentation at SMART TECHnology World, during the keynote Kevin is joined by Michael Allison, IT Administrator of Hillcrest Medical Center, Tom Romano, CIO of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Jim Buczkowski, a Technical Fellow at Ford to discuss the emergence and value of Intelligent Systems

Here’s a link to the keynote video

- Mike

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where did my comment go ?  Was it censored ?

  2. Anonymous says:


    I badgered Olivier Bloch for quite a while in order to find out what MS commitment (if any) was to the Compact Framework after the incredibly short sighted decision to dump Smart Device Extension support from VS2010.  As Olivier has moved on I'm now badgering you.  Are you aware of the support for the following Connect and VS Voice items ? Perhaps you and Mr Dallas should be.

    We are promised time and time again by MS that there will be some news soon, the last promise was probably 1 year ago.  Ok so MS (as announced by Mr Dallas) will re-introduce tools into VS2010 and V.Next in the 2nd half of 2010 to allow us to target Windows CE platforms (not just Win7 phone).  Great this will give us the ability to develop native applications for the first time in 2 years without having to resort to VS2008.  However this merely gives us the same functionality that we had back when Windows CE 4.2 was introduced with Embedded VC++.  What a monumental step backwards.

    Where is the support for managed development on embedded devices ?  A lot of companies invested heavily in Windows CE and Compact Framework development when it was first introduced back with VS2003, support continued through VS2005 and VS2008 until some idiot(s) took the decision to remove support in VS2010.  What was the rationale behind this decision ?

    MS has now well and truly screwed those who bought into Windows CE/Compact Framework environment.  There was a vast uptake, there are huge numbers of applications coded for the Compact Framework running on Windows CE devices (not just phones).  If MS are really committed to managed code and the embedded market then for gods sake throw us a lifeline before its too late.  Companies need to plan their embedded developments, many big businesses have now given up on MS in the embedded market and have adopted the much poorer tools of the Linux environment.  

    You've dragged your heels for over 2 years on this topic, it's long enough.  Just answer the following questions once and for all:

    What is the future of the Compact Framework for managed development on Windows CE platforms ?

    Will MS re-introduce support for Windows CE development (both native and managed) into Visual Studio ?

  3. WilkoSki says:


    See Chris Tacke's blog entry entitled "A sign that everyone has just given up"…/ASignThatEveryoneHasJustGivenUp.aspx

    Simply disgraceful is all I can say

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