The Internet of Things – How Microsoft is extending Windows and the cloud to specialized devices.

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  1. Sandu Buraga says:

    The Internet of Things – is a correct theory, but in practice WinCE 7.0 is not ready at all and I can argue for that. The connectivity is to minimum in your platform at least at this stage and I am not speaking about device drivers for WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular and so on. The problem is that it lacks for programability support for high level languages for WinCE, MS has no coherent strategy at this point at least.

    I will give you one practical example. I develop a nice UI in Silverlight for Embedded which is native API, let's say that it's ok for performance to develop the UI in C. Next I need to call a webservice from the cloud – Windows Azure, what do I do? The single decent possibility is to use the very limited compact framework .net 3.5 WCF client, you adapt Windows Azure code for this client. After you realise that there is no way from a native application to call a .net application within CE. You have to go down level to understand interprocess communication, I am sorry to say but you have no productivity this way, and I am taking in account moving to Android.

    So before making any cool marketing stuff, I would recommend to Mr Kevin Dallas and all MS managers to go down and talk with the developers. I am sorry to say but at this time WinCE is not competitive as a platform (I repeat as a platform, the OS is very good).

  2. Jed says:

    Mike H, the 6 second movie star!

    Sandu is right, of course… every post to the native/embedded silverlight blog there is someone asking why they would ever use native C++ rather than whatever Windows Phone 7 is using that Microsoft won't give to Windows Embedded Compact customers.

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