.NET Gadgeteer Robot (blog link)

You’ve probably heard about the .NET Gadgeteer kit (link to Microsoft Gadgeteer site – and link to Microsoft Research Gadgeteer site) which gives the ability to rapidly develop cool/interesting hardware/software solutions without needing to know much about hardware – building a simple digital camera that takes photos and stores the images on a USB stick…


Webcast: Porting a Windows Embedded CE 6 BSP to Compact 7

Date: December 13, 2011 Time: 9:00 a.m. (Pacific) Registration: https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032501309&Culture=en-US Windows Embedded Compact has a myriad of new features – from multiprocessor support to more RAM to an enhanced Silverlight for Windows Embedded.  In this webcast you’ll learn how to enable these features on your hardware by porting your Windows Embedded CE 6 Board Support…

Book: Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7 Producing Device Drivers

Check out the latest book on Windows Embedded Compact 7 development – The book is authored by Avi Kcholi and covers device driver development – the book is available through APress (link to APress site) Here’s the book description. Windows Embedded Compact 7 is the natural choice for developing sophisticated, small-footprint devices for both consumers…

Webcast: Creating and Using Silverlight for Embedded Applications

Doug Boling will be presenting a session covering how to develop applications using Silverlight for Windows Embedded – the session starts at 9am (Pacific) today. Here’s a link to the webcast page. (Updated with the correct link). – Mike


Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Windows CE) – Labs, Webcasts, Training

Olivier Bloch has just posted about Virtual Labs, Training, Webcasts updates for Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Windows CE) – You can find out more about the labs/webcasts/training by visiting Olivier’s blog. – Mike


Windows Embedded Roadmap

Yesterday, the Windows Embedded team published details of the product roadmap that includes updates to the Desktop/Embedded and Compact (Windows CE) products – the Microsoft News Center Article is here. Kevin Dallas (photo) says there are two primary pillars for developers and organizations to innovate with intelligent systems. One is the ability of the system…


Compact 7 Webcast: Improving Boot Times (recording)

If you were not able to attend this mornings Compact 7 webcast “Improving Boot Times”, presented by Doug Boling you can now watch the recording – here’s a link. – Mike

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Webcasts (Archive)

There are approximately 40 Windows Embedded Compact 7 webcasts archived online (here’s the link to the Windows Embedded Video Showcase) – The Compact 7 videos are from the May 2011 timeframe. On October 25th Doug Boling will be presenting a live Webcast covering Compact 7 Boot Times Are there any specific topics you would like…


How many embedded devices are you using each day?

We all use embedded devices throughout the day without thinking about how many ‘smart’ systems are around us, from the in-car entertainment system, digital photo frame, home automation/security, digital signage, medical systems and more… When you start counting the number of devices you actually use each day the total number can be quite surprising! -…

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Update 3

Windows Embedded Compact Update 3 is now available for download – here’s the link. What’s in the update? – here’s the overview from the MSDN download website. This release contains an update for the Compact Test Kit that includes the CTK Automation Tool Solution (CATS), a new tool that enables automation of test scenario execution…