Windows Embedded Survey – What content/documentation do you need ?

The Windows Embedded teams responsible for online content and documentation are looking for feedback from you to ensure that the content/documentation they build matches the needs of developers that are using our products – You can provide feedback by taking a short survey – here’s a link to the survey.

- Mike

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  1. paul says:

    I need a tutorial file for running image (NK.BIN)  on my device. My device is vdx-6354. I add my file to visual studio but i can't connect to the device and transfer nk.bin to the board. how can i do that???

  2. Shai says:

    Can you add an article about porting a BSP from CE6 to CE7. Similar to the one you have on CE5 and CE6.



  3. Jeff Cooper says:

    For Windows Embedded Standard (hopefully backwards compatible to the non WinES 2009 and WinES7 versions like WinES2007) I believe there's a need for a .NET file-based write filter API assembly/namespace/whatever.  The current solution of wrapping fbwflib.lib in a C++ Win32 .dll wrapper and then wrapping that in a VB.NET/C#.NET/C++.NET class isn't working for me.  Doing that drives the developer/integrator into P/Invoke and character and struct marshalling wars that kill productivity in a situation that's ripe for exploitation by some reusable code that would simplify working with the Microsoft product.

    Thanks, Coop  (Wish I had asked for this a lot sooner)

  4. john says:

    How can we add executable files such as visual c++ executable codes to windows CE operating system using CEFileWiz? I added non-Executable files to Windows CE operating system but i could not do it whit executable files.  I added my executable visual c++ code to CEFileWiz and build cec file. When i try to build the image ,NK.BIN, an error is dispalyed on the screen(during build process). which files should be added in CEFileWiz window for running executable codes in windows CE?

    i need your help as soon as possible…

    Thank you

  5. Chris says:

    Probably one of the hardest surveys I've tried to fill so far. I gave up without even completing it. Ideally if the survey asked your ratings to agree to disagree with a statement it would be a lot easier to fill in. Rationalising my favourite 3 from a list of what 30 different options isn't interesting or engaging or would give you the answers that you are interested in obtaining. The human brain can only store so much information and sifting through a long list of information is not the best way of you getting the results that you require. It may be short but so are many peoples time, and sifting through this kind of information will mean most people won't bother to respond to it.

  6. David says:

    HI John

    Last month i tried to add executable files to windows CE but i could'nt do it. I think you should add another files except your executable file to CEFileWiz window. You need add Some sysgens to the CEFileWiz window. Unfortunately i can't help u completely because i need other people's help.

    Can i find anybody to help me here? I need a tutorial files or tutorial movies or….

  7. Mike says:

    Hi Chris,

    What problems are you having adding files to your o/s image?

    – Mike

  8. David says:

    Hi Mike,

    My question is about adding executable files to windows CE operating system using CEFileWiz. I saw your tutorial movie about building and adding files to a windows CE operating system. I wrote a code with Visual C++ using Visual Studio 2005. I want to run Visual C++ executable file on the  windows CE. I want to know which files should be added to CEFileWiz window except Visual C++ executable file(and which SYSGENs).

  9. car says:

    – gather doc about software requirements we need to work with Windos CE 7.

    – List with several OEMs that offers WinCE BSPs, and also access to get a demo of that BSPs.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Mike;

    I have a question similar to John's question about adding executable files.

    Thank you

  11. Mike says:

    Look for a post on the question of adding files to an o/s image shortly…

    – Mike

  12. Miguel Angel says:

    Hi, Mike.

    I've always missed in-depth documentation on Direct3D Mobile. I mean, something that talks about insights on the particular version available for CE: limitations, tricks and tips and so on.

    I am pretty disappointed by the results I have had trying to use Direct3D Mobile on standard industrial PCs on CE 6.0 R2. The subset provided in D3DM is so limited that many features can hardly be used. It doesn't support many features as could be supposed. The disposable video memory is a pitty – and no system memory available!. Maybe the blame is not on D3DM itself but on the driver implementation (for instance, IEGD. But that is what is available for application developers). The point is that at least some documentation which had told me how it really works and what could be expected would have helped a lot.


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