CEContentWiz utility available on Codeplex

David Jones (of Embedded101 fame – more information on the founding members of Embedded101 can be found here) has uploaded a new utility to CodePlex, the utility is called CEContentWiz, this is similar to the CEFileWiz utility that I released some time back with some additional bells and whistles – Here’s a link to the…


Keyboard Filter Driver for Windows Embedded Standard 7

Elbacom have just published a Keyboard Filter Driver for Windows Embedded Standard 7, this is positioned as a Christmas Present from Elbacom (here’s a link) – examples of keys that can be filtered include CTRL+ALT+DEL, Win+E etc. Could be interesting for kiosk mode devices! – Mike


Job: Windows Embedded Technical Product Manager

The Windows Embedded Business has an opening for a Senior Technical Product Manager position (link) – the role is a mixture of “hands on” technology and presenting at conferences/talking to customers – here’s the official job description – sounds interesting? – then go for it!. The Senior Technical Product Manager position for Windows Embedded products…


.NET Gadgeteer on MSDN Channel 9

Check out the video on MSDN Channel 9 where Colin Miller (Product Unit Manager for .NET Micro Framework) provides an overview of .NET Gadgeteer.   – Mike


CE6 Driver Wizard for Visual Studio

Check out the CE Stream Driver Wizard on CodePlex created by David Jones – more information about the driver wizard can be found on the Embedded101 community site. – Mike


.NET Gadgeteer at Maker Faire

Colin Miller (Product Unit Manager for .NET Micro Framework) explains and demos the .NET Gadgeteer at Maker Faire in NY, here’s the video… The video also shows some demos built using Gadgeteer – More information about the .NET Gadgeteer can be found on the Microsoft Research site.


Future World: Enabling Connectivity

Last week I presented a session at “Future World” on the subject of Enabling Connectivity – the topic of enabling connectivity is only one part of creating a smart, connected, cloud enabled device – my presentation covered four main areas: Enabling Connectivity Silicon and Software Trends User experience Cloud/service enablement I’m writing a series of…


Silverlight for Windows Embedded – Team Blog

The Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE) team now have an MSDN blog up and running, first post is live (welcome to the blog) – here’s a link to the blog. – Mike


Windows Embedded Standard 7 Webcast

Join John Coyne on Wednesday June 30th at 10AM PDT for a Webcast titled “The new ‘Standard’ in Embedded: Windows 7 Componentized for embedded devices” – click Here to register. – Mike