CE6 R3 Released To Manufacturing – includes Silverlight for Windows Embedded

Today at ESC East (Boston) Kevin Dallas, the General Manager of the Windows Embedded Business presented a keynote presentation (I missed the keynote, was flying from Seattle to Boston) that covered a number of announcements (all are listed on the following ars technica page).

One of the announcements is the release to manufacturing of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 – this new release adds a number of new features to the existing CE 6.0 product. Note that the underlying tools and o/s architecture don’t change with the R3 release (so BSPs don’t need to change), the R3 release includes a number of new features, including Silverlight for Windows Embedded.

The Silverlight for Windows Embedded feature is a UI framework for out of browser applications (or shells) and is based on the Win32/native API, not managed code. This feature gives you the ability to have designers create UI in Expression Blend, export their XAML and then have you hook up events in Win32/C/C++ at the back end. This means that designers get to “design”, and developers get to “develop”.

I posted some information about this upcoming technology in June, here’s a link to the blog post and a video that shows what can be achieved.

- Mike

Comments (8)

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Mike,

    upon which Silverlight version is based Silverlight for Windows Embedded?

    When will be available the R3 to download?



  2. mikehall says:

    Silverlight for Windows Embedded is based on Silverlight 2.0 – I will post the download link when available.

    – Mike

  3. David says:

    While this is good news if you want to build a good-looking mobile/embedded C++ application from scratch, it leaves all the developers that have adopted the .NET gospel out in the cold. Is there any hope for an embedded version of Silverlight that is 100% compatible with the .NET-oriented SL3, with the added benefit of enabling out-of-browser applications as well? A marriage of Silverlight with Compact Framework, if you will.

  4. John says:

    Nice, a return to the native code dark ages.

  5. Phil says:

    What I don’t understand is why Microsoft is not supporting ASP.NET in the Compact Framework.  This is a big missing link and forces web development to use the older technologies (non-Microsoft).  I was hoping to see that they finally corrected this.  Silverlight is nice but I suspect that most people would have liked to see ASP.NET first.

  6. siddarth says:

    CE 6.0 R3 installation has issues – upon executing "setup.exe" on several PC(s) which already have Win CE 6.0 R2 installed, it shows different files missing at approx 40% setup progress. I guess it is related to file download. Any tips ?

  7. Roy Peter says:

    It would have been better If Microsoft would have supported ASP.NET in the Compact Framework. Waiting for the new version.


    Roy Peter – <a href="http://wgcommunities.com/blog">Manufacturing</a&gt;

  8. Wassup says:

    What a big disappointment!!! Silverlight for native code: what am I supposed to do with that? Most of us already using SL are doing so in .Net and have staffed up accordingly.  Like I’m gonna expect my application developers to switch to C/C++, or ask my platform guys to do UI coding… you’re kidding, right?

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