Download: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Virtual PC Binary BSP

I get a reasonable number of questions about supporting Virtual PC 2007 from Windows Embedded CE 6.0. We’ve just published a CE 6.0 Binary BSP for Virtual PC 2007 on the MSDN Code Gallery site. Note that this is not an officially supported BSP (don’t phone product support, the only support mechanism will be through the Code Gallery discussions page).

The Virtual PC BSP ships with a Virtual Hard Drive (.VHD) and Virtual Floppy Disk so you don't need to create any boot media before starting to use CE 6.0 and the Virtual PC BSP.

Here’s a link to the MSDN Code Gallery CE 6.0 Virtual PC BSP project.

Virtual PC 2007 can be downloaded from here.

Look out for a video showing the BSP “in action” coming shortly.

- Mike

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  1. Alex O. says:

    Hi Mike,

    Interesting development, but I am a little confused: what is a key difference between the built-in device emulator and Virtual PC BSP? Why would I want it?

    Perhaps, to allow the non-developer folks run CE images?

    Here’s a curious and pretty extensive exchange on this topic:

    BTW, there are also existing VPC images available for CE 3.0-5.0:

  2. mikehall says:

    Virtual PC gives you the ability to package up a stand alone Windows CE image in a .VHD that you can boot and run locally on your machine, or give to other developers/users to play with.

    We’re working on a couple of tutorials to show how this works.

    We used to ship an x86 emulator (Connectix/Virtual PC) with earlier versions of the Windows CE product. I get requests for an x86 emulation target on a regular basis.

    – Mike

  3. Alex O. says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    Looking forward for the abovementioned tutorials.

  4. We recently posted the CE 6.0 Virtual PC Binary BSP to the MSDN Code Gallery – I wanted to build something

  5. We recently released a CE 6.0 Binary BSP for Virtual PC 2007 – This can be quite useful for building

  6. Boogie Man says:

    I think it would be wise for MS to make a player OS this way you can deploy VM’s down to an OS that does not use to many client resources if anyone knows anything about this please respond to the conversation

  7. mikehall says:

    Boogie Man, what do you mean by "player o/s" ?

    – Mike

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