A new Embedded Blog – Fun with embedded development

David Shoemaker, a developer in the CE shell team has started a new blog on MSDN called Fun with Embedded Development – David plans to build something based on one of the SPARK kits

It sound like this will be an interesting project – here’s what David is going to cover…

  • Device working, get an OS image running on a Spark system board.
  • Vision, I want my device to be able to see the world around it.  Going with the simple USB web cam interface.
  • Distance, I want to be able to tell how far away things are, this can be IR / Sonar / touch.
  • Interaction (IO), this is the ability to manipulate the outside world, this can be motors / servos / lights.
  • Communication, I want the device to report status / telemetry and receive direction from another device / PC.  This could be black box / wired / wireless.
  • - Mike

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