Adeneo CE 6.0 Training, Europe & USA – Free reference board!

Adeneo, Windows Embedded Gold Partner are running a series of training sessions in Europe and USA. Here’s the list…

•    April 13th to 16th 2009: Boston, MA
•    April 20th to 23rd 2009: Munich, Germany
•    May 4th to 7th 2009: Los Angeles, CA

The course contains the following modules…

•    Module 1: CE 6.0 OS features
•    Module 2: Platform development tools
•    Module 3: Inside the OS
•    Module 4: CE 6.0 OS Components
•    Module 5: CE 6.0 Build process
•    Module 6: Board Support Package (BSP)
•    Module 7: Device Driver concepts
•    Module 8: Customize an OS Design
•    Module 9: Application development
•    Module 10: Testing the OS

Attendees get a free reference board! – more information available on the Adeneo web site including registration and price information.

- Mike

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  1. Pete says:

    Shouldn’t you be "MS Partner independent"? If you use your blog to promote Adeneo’s training schedule, you should really make another blog item for each and every MS Partner offering Windows Embedded training. The Windows Embedded InfoBlast is the place for commercial advertisements, your blog should be used for interesting technical posts or links to interesting technical posts.

    If this blog will become an extension of Adeneo’s (or any other MS partner for that matter) marketing division I think you’ll end up with 2 subscribers to your blog; you and Adeneo.

  2. Mike says:

    I want the blog to be a place that provides useful/interesting information, for example, if Doug Bolling publishes a new book on Windows CE programming then I think that’s interesting for people to find out about. If there’s a new reference board available from Freescale, Via, Intel, or other partner, or an updated BSP available for one of these boards then I believe that to be useful.

    How is informing you of training courses any different from promoting a book written by an MVP, or a reference board/BSP from a partner?

    I’m certainly not promoting one partner/course over another – if other training partners have courses that are running soon and want to send me the dates/locations then I don’t have a problem prompting these.

    Keeping developers informed about updates to our development tools, development practices, training, events, hardware, BSPs, books, certification is all good, right?

    – Mike

  3. Luis Felipe Gutierrez says:

    I actually found this quite useful and thnking about signing up for the courses, thank you.

  4. I agree with Mike! I think this information is useful for some readers (see comment frim Luis).

    You might agree that it does seem a bit Adeneo-bias but this depends on the partners as they have to give this information to mike.

    If you would like to know who I’m promoting have a look at my blog:

    Keep it on Mike and, by the way, when is the next food contest going to be held? How about custard? I’m sure Bird’s would win 😉

    – Damian

  5. Pete says:

    "How is informing you of training courses any different from promoting a book written by an MVP, or a reference board/BSP from a partner?"

    The difference is there are only 2 (recent) books about Windows CE at the moment, promoting stuff an MVP does is something completely different from promoting the offered trainings of ONE of your Embedded Partners. To have the other commenters make a FAIR decision about which course they are going to attend:

    ElektroBit: March 24 & 25 CE Basic & Deep Dive

    HILF!GmbH: March 25: Windows Embedded Standard, March 31 Windows CE System Programming, April 20: Windows CE drivers course

    etc. etc.

    "I’m certainly not promoting one partner/course over another"

    Well, yes, you are. If you would’ve read the latest InfoBlast (which I assume you do!) you would’ve been able to make a much more balanced blog item by listing all the training courses. But then again, this is duplication of information. Why not just refer to the InfoBlast through a link?

    I just think you are being unfair to your other partners promoting just the training courses of (preferred MS supplier) Adeneo. I understand some readers of your blog find this useful information but it is unfair marketing highlighting just one of your partners offering training.

  6. Yannick says:

    Just thought I would add my $.02… being from Adeneo, and the initiator of the content sent to Mike.

    I obviously agree with Mike and Damian (otherwise, I would not have suggested this post to Mike), I think it’s important that a blog like Mike’s keep inform about what happens in the Windows Embedded community. It is a different media than infoblast in the sense that it’s not a "dedicated marketing tool for partners". As for any other blogs author, Mike "owns" his content, and decide to put or not some content. We informed him about these sessions. Now whether he wants to mention them on his blog or not is his call. I don’t think it would be of any issues if other partners do the same.

    We do not expect to see "Adeneo content" everyday on Mike’s blog, but I don’t see why from time to time activities of partners should not be mentioned… just make a quick search in Mike’s blog for Gold partners’ names, and you will see that most of the major gold partners have their name mentioned here and there.

    Well, looking at Luis and Damian comment, the good news is that though there is a mention of Adeneo on Mike’s blog, there are still non Adeneo readers ;o)

  7. Henry says:


    I a a student and have to start my first Embedded project with Windows CE.

    Please can you give me advice or any recommendations(or link with simple examples)to get a good start?


  8. Mike says:

    Perhaps the CE 6 Certification documentaiton would be a good start –

    – Mike

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