Getting started with Windows Embedded Standard (XP Embedded)

The Windows Embedded Standard team have updated their "Getting Started" page - the new page layout makes it super easy to find the content you need to be productive with the Windows Embedded Standard (XP Embedded) product.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. xwindowsjunkie says:

    I find it very funny that now that the marketing idiots have changed the name of Windows XP Embedded to Windows Embedded Standard everybody else has to add (XP Embedded).

    Does that include Windows CE? No.

    Vista? No.

    Win7 or Server 2008 or Home Server? No.

    Windows POS? No.

    So what does it include? Windows XP Embedded. hmmmm. Why did they change the name again?

    Some idiot had a Seinfeld moment. "Its all about nothing." Hope he was one of the 5000 let go. He needs to get a job selling shoes.

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