Embedded Systems West Session – Industrial Solutions: Sensors to Servers

Chris Muench and I will be presenting a session at Embedded Systems Conference West – here’s the details:

[WEB01] Windows Embedded and Industrial solutions: from sensors to servers
Speaker: Mike Hall (Microsoft), CHRIS MUENCH (MICROSOFT)
Date/Time: Tuesday (March 31, 2009)   12:30pm — 1:45pm
Location (room): B2/B3
Formats: 90-Minute Sponsored Session
Key Takeaways
Technologies Covered: Windows Embedded CE, Windows Embedded Server, Windows Embedded Standard, WSD, Alchemy
Audience level: Intermediate
Presentation Abstract
The industrial solutions are nowadays merely a matter of software. The software retrieves data from sensors, analyzes the data, drives actuators, allows entities of the industrial system to communicate and synchronize with each other, runs visualizations and monitoring allowing interaction with the operator, talks to servers, databases and services,... as a desktop or enterprise developer or as an IT Pro you will be surprised how much your skills will transfer to this domain and enable modern and exiting solutions. During this demo packed session, you will see how Windows Embedded technologies, fitting directly into Microsoft development tool chain, can be used to develop real time distributed industrial systems and services.
Track: Sponsored Sessions/Seminars

Hope to see you there!

- Mike

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