Another Windows CE 6.0 device (Meizu M8)

Here's another example of an interesting Windows CE 6.0 based device - the Meizu M8

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Prashanth says:

    May i know tool that is used to Design the UI. IT is Cool. Is it a WinCE Device ?

  2. mikehall says:


    Yes, this is a Windows CE device. The user interface was developed by Meizu, I’m not sure what technologies they used in their device to create the look/animations.

    Typically, device UI is developed in Win32, C# Winforms, or DirectX, although there’s a trend to separate user interface "design" from the code behind development process. On the desktop this involves Microsoft Expression Blend (Designer tool), XAML/WPF/Silverlight, and Visual Studio.

    – Mike

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